Why Choose Moissanite For Your Engagement Ring?

 You may have already heard of moissanite; an extra-terrestrial gemstone found in meteorites that is so rare that almost all moissanite you see today is grown in a laboratory. It is something that has hugely increased in popularity over recent years, but why should you choose moissanite as the centerpiece of your engagement ring? 

At 9.25-9.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale moissanite is the second hardest gemstone on earth (diamond being the first) which ranks them higher than sapphires, rubies and emeralds. This makes it one of the top gemstones that can withstand everyday wear so would be perfect for your engagement ring. Even though no gemstone is indestructible (that includes diamonds) moissanite is highly unlikely to chip, crack or become scratched.
Brilliance and Fire
Brilliance is the measure of how well a stone reflects light. Due to moissanite's chemical structure it has the ability to slow down and redirect light better than any other gemstone, making it the brightest gem. The fire refers to the way stone splits light that passes through the stone, creating a rainbow-like effect. Once again moissanite excels above other gemstones showing larger flashes of light across a spectrum of colors.
Because most moissanite on the market is grown in a lab you know its exact origin; unlike mined diamonds lab-grown moissanite is completely traceable. Also, no human rights were violated in the creation of these gemstones, so they’re completely conflict-free. Another benefit to lab-grown moissanite is that they are eco-friendly, which means no ecosystems are harmed and thousands of tonnes of earth don’t have to be extracted to mine them, therefore making less of an impact on the environment.
Moissanite is around 80% less expensive than diamonds making them a great choice for people that have a budget but don’t want to limit quality. Unlike diamonds which can more than double in price if you increase factors like carat weight, colour and clarity, moissanite gemstones only rise incrementally. This doesn’t mean that moissanite is a sub-par gemstone to diamond, it’s merely a reflection of the engagement ring and gemstone industry. Not enough people know about moissanite yet and many couples are still choosing diamonds, so there’s not enough demand.
  If you are looking for a diamond alternative, high quality moissanites like the Charles and Colvard Forever One are the highest quality lab grown moissanites on the market and for many people it is hard to tell them apart. This means you can combine a large moissanite stone with smaller accent diamonds in your engagement ring and not worry about being able to spot the difference.
Taking all these factors into account, it still comes down to personal choice and what brings you joy. Moissanite is a completely unique gemstone and shouldn’t be viewed as a ‘fake’ or imitation diamond, so if you love something with a lot of sparkle and brilliance then moissanite would be the perfect choice.